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Available for PlayStation®3, PSP® and PlayStation®2

SN-DBS - Distributed Build System


SN-DBS slashes compile times by distributing your source code builds between cooperating PCs on your local area network.

Every new generation of game console allows developers to create bigger games, with more physics, better collision detection, superior rendering, AI and online elements. This is great for game players but places extra demands on game developers and producers. Compile times will only get longer with next-generation consoles.

Now help is at hand with SN-DBS. The SN Distributed Build System uses all of your development team's PCs to cooperate during compiling. Initiating a compile from one PC will distribute source files to cooperating PCs to provide parallel compilation. Your compile times can be reduced by up to 80% as a result of using SN-DBS.

Slash compile times

The more PCs on your SN-DBS network, the faster the build. With six or more PCs in the network, a typical improvement sees the compile time slashed by 80%!

Compile times will be slashed several times a day, every day. The time you save can be used to write more code resulting in increased productivity.


View build progress

Build progress views allow you to monitor the current build, including:

  • network activity
  • build progress status
  • compiler errors and warnings
DBS Screenshot - Bullet Image
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Centralized build management at the initiating PC

SN-DBS shows details for each PC in the network, including:

  • current status
  • hardware specification
  • build tools installed
  • suitability rating

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Object caching

Build results can now be cached to speed up subsequent builds.

DBS Screenshot - Bullet Image Automatic detection and configuration of cooperating PCs

Automatically detects PCs on your network which can cooperate in a distributed build, and automatically sends update files whenever there is a new release of the software.

DBS Screenshot - Bullet Image

Automatic recovery if a cooperating PC goes off-line

If one of the SN-DBS network PCs shuts down, any ongoing build task is seamlessly and transparently rerouted to another node.

Supports Visual Studio .NET and makefiles

No need to change the way you work or learn a new compiler interface.

DBS Screenshot - Bullet Image

Data builds

Extends the use of SN-DBS so that it distributes the work of third-party command-line tasks.

System Requirements

See the table below to determine which products and compilers can use SN-DBS.

(SN Build)
(Standard Build)
PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)

Additional Requirements

  • PCs with Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) or higher processor
  • Network adapter
  • 512 MB RAM and at least 20 MB hard disk space
  • Windows XP Pro
  • Microsoft .NET framework v1.1
  • ProDG tools (compiler)
  • Visual Studio .NET integration for SN-DBS on local PC (optional)


SN-DBS is now available free of charge and without the Product Licensing System to registered PlayStation®2, PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) and PlayStation®3 developers. Registered developers can visit the following pages to download SN-DBS:

If you are a registered developer but do not yet have access to any of the above sites please contact contact@snsys.com.

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