God of War II has made it into format, and I'd really like to thank you and the rest of the people who worked on SN-DBS.

It made the end of production a much easier process for all the programmers, and we all really appreciate it. 

Ben Diamand
Senior Programmer
SCEA Santa Monica

Product Spotlight

ProDG for PlayStation®3


Get closer to the hardware with ProDG for PlayStation®3 - the official toolset for PlayStation®3 developers worldwide now contains ProDG, Visual Studio Integration, Target Manager and Tuner all in one package.

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ProDG for PlayStation®2



ProDG for PlayStation®2 is SN Systems' suite of fully featured tools that enable you to build and debug your game titles for the PlayStation®2.

Components, Features and Benefits

The product consists of build tools (assemblers, C/C++ compiler and linker for Emotion Engine™ (EE) and IOP), a fast and dedicated source-level debugger, a target manager for loading and running executables and monitoring target status, and optional Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET integration.

New features in v3.2!

This release includes the following new features, in addition to numerous changes and bug fixes:

  • Debugger support for the SCE Performance Analyzer DTL-T15000, with the new PA Pane
    • This pane displays the CPU cycle and memory access statistics recorded by the PA and overlays them on the disassembly.
  • Custom TTY streams
  • Scripting is now free to ProDG licensees
  • More compact DLL format

Click on any of the components below to list its key features, click a feature to view its benefits.

  • General features
  • Build Tools
  • Debugger
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Target Manager

System requirements

  • Development PC running Windows NT 4, 2000 or XP Professional.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation 2 Development Tool DTL-T10000 or DTL-T15000.
  • Network card.


Please contact contact@snsys.com for further information.

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