The ProDG debugger has come a long way and is easier to use and more powerful than ever; its integrated profiling is great for quick performance spot-checks.

When you need the heavy iron, Tuner can analyze the entire machine's performance across many frames of data, and is in my experience simpler to use and understand than the Performance Analyzer hardware. 

David Etherton
Director of Research and Development
Rockstar San Diego

Product Spotlight

ProDG for PlayStation®3


Get closer to the hardware with ProDG for PlayStation®3 - the official toolset for PlayStation®3 developers worldwide now contains ProDG, Visual Studio Integration, Target Manager and Tuner all in one package.

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Bristol, 4th February, 2008 - SN Systems, a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), is pleased to announce a 50% price reduction for all its development tools for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable). The price reduction will be effective from February 4th 2008 and applies to all SN Systems PSP development tools including full and rental ProDG for PSP, Tuner, Build Tools and ProView licenses ordered through the UK-based SN Systems office. Support fees will also benefit from the same 50% reduction in price. The reduction in support fees will also apply to developers seeking to renew their annual support on existing PSP products.

Andy Beveridge, Director of SN Systems, commented, "SN Systems development tools for PSP are well-established and mature, having been on sale since the end of 2004. Since then, the tools have grown extensively as a result of direct feedback from PSP game title developers. Significantly reducing the cost of the tools will help to ensure that PSP game title developers have everything they need to continue creating great titles. This price reduction, coupled with the recent addition of Tuner (performance optimizer) to ProDG for PSP, makes the core development tool a very attractive package."

For further information and details of pricing regarding SN Systems development tools for PSP®, please contact contact@snsys.com or visit http://www.snsys.com/products/index_psp.asp.


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SN Systems is part of the Sony Computer Entertainment R&D team creating the technology game developers use to make great PlayStation® video games. SN Systems has created the programming tools used on every PlayStation® home and portable platform. The company has built a reputation for understanding and meeting the needs of game developers, by creating innovative software and providing first-class support.

We currently employ over 80 staff, mainly engineers, in Bristol (HQ), Dublin and San Jose in a dynamic environment where change is the norm.

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