We have been working with SN Systems' tools for just about as long as I can remember, so using ProDG and the NDK for the PlayStation®2 was not really a question for us. When things got a little tight toward the end of the project and we needed new features added to the NDK, the team at SN was there for us...

The fact that 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3' has been pulling down outstanding reviews is proof that SN Systems is the right choice for developers. 

Joel Jewett
Neversoft Entertainment

Product Spotlight

ProDG for PlayStation®2


ProDG for PlayStation®2 is SN Systems' suite of fully featured tools that enable you to build and debug your game titles for the PlayStation®2.

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About Us

SN Systems Directors Andy Beveridge and Martin DaySN Systems is a Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) owned software company based in Bristol, UK, that produces the industry standard development tools used by console programmers worldwide. The company was founded by directors Martin Day and Andy Beveridge and our staff currently numbers 60+ people.

Since 1988, SN Systems has been setting the standard for development tools within the console industry. As new platforms appear, SN Systems is quickly able to create stable and sophisticated tools to work with a new target.

Prior to its acquisition by SCEI in 2005, SN Systems tools were established as the leading development systems on console platforms, with programmers worldwide having used them for many years.

Furthermore, as the development of SN Systems products are driven by customer needs, new features are continually added on request. SN Systems is closely involved with the developer community, regularly contributing to developer conferences, visiting studios, helping customers via online support groups and providing software updates on the company's website.

Now in a new era under the wing of SCEI, SN Systems is able to draw from a range of different resources as well as existing experienced staff while working with the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Closer ties to the R&D departments within SCEI means that development tools such as ProDG, Tuner and SN-DBS, can now be designed with even greater amounts of detail and compatibility to SCEI's hardware development tools. SN Systems' experienced and passionate team will continue to evolve its products by innovating, leading and listening to their customers, while delivering on its promise of producing quality development tools for the video games industry.

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